Tight Places

Is your life filled with fear, anxiety, frustration or a sense of just feeling overwhelmed? Do you ever think “I don’t know what I am going to do”?

Everything seems to be coming at you at once…bills you cannot pay, addictions you cannot break, family members who have lost their way and other situations that you cannot control. Where do you go and what do you do?

In Psalm 46, we find a hymn of praise that magnifies God. We see Jerusalem being attacked by Syria and we see God coming to the rescue. Do you need God to come to your rescue? The Bible says here that God is our refuge. He is a place to go for protection. He gives us help. His help is abundantly available.

Are you in that tight place and you need help? The word “trouble” in this text actually means, “in tight places.” Are you in that tight place of trouble right now?

When it seems like the place you are in is getting smaller, trust Him and lean into Him so that you will grow and your faith will increase in size. God is enlarging you in those tight places

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