Let’s Start Something!

Yesterday I preached at our multi site campus in Arlington Tennessee…New Season Tennessee!

We had a powerful day with baptism, baby dedication and 8 people getting saved! We have been open now for 14 months.I love church planting!

All stats report that new churches consistently reach more people than established churches.

Church plants grow 23 times faster than the average established church.

Church plants also reach five times as many people who are far from God as the average church.

Every church should engage in church planting! We should be reproducing and multiplying. Healthy churches should plant new churches.

New Season Church has helped plant seven churches in our 8 year existence as a church.We currently support 3 of those churches monthly.

Churches are closing down every week. Churches have become stuck in the past and are married to tradition. Churches have gotten out of touch with culture and no longer relate to the younger generation.

Many churches have become irrelevant so the doors close. They would rather experience the pain of the doors closing than the pain of change.

3500 churches close every year and thousands of churches remain non relevant to a lost world.

These statistics are unacceptable to me. I cannot sit idly by and do nothing. We must care more about the lostness of our world than the comfort of our own churches and preferences.

Lord forgive our indifference. We have grown cold and callous to the lost sheep. God help us to be like you, to leave the 99 and go after the one. Lord, change us, break us, forgive us and renew a passion deep within us. Let’s start something!


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