Let’s Be the Church

Yesterday at our Georgia campus I spoke on being the church! I was in Acts and I shated a top 10 list out of chapter 2 about what the church should look like.

We should be a place for people to get saved! We need to keep the main thing the main thing. It’s not about us.

I have been in church for over 30 years. I have seen and heard just about everything! I have seen people argue over the color of the carpet in the auditorium; I have seen people throw their Bibles at people; I have heard people curse and get belligerent.

“I don’t like that kind of music”; “I don’t like that version of the Bible”; “I think the piano should sit on the left side of the stage”; “People should be more reverent in church”…

I could list a hundred more statements that I have heard muttered over the years in church. I bet you can too if you have been in church longer than six months!

Where did we begin to think that church is all about us? How did we develop such a “consumer mentality”? When did we start thinking that church is a Spa where you come to get pampered?

Every church at some point will fall into the deadliest of all traps – the trap of focusing inward. “It’s all about me, what I want, how I want it and if you don’t cater to my whims and wishes, I will withhold my tithe or even leave.”

Let me remind you…the church is about Jesus! It is about what HE is about – seeking and saving that which is lost. It is about bringing glory to the one who alone is worthy.

Let’s put our personal preferences aside and be the church in which Jesus died for.

Let’s be the church!


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