New Solutions

All of us have problems and situations that overwhelm us and leave us perplexed. We may see our circumstances and think there is no way out or around what is taking place. Sometimes all we need is a different perspective.A different perspective can lead to a new solution.

Many times in life, it’s the things that begin on the sidelines that can catapult us to great success.

Have you ever had a problem and figured out a solution? Then, you discover that most people have the same problem and your solution can solve their problems.

That is exactly what a man named Edwin W. Cox experienced in 1917. As a salesman of aluminum cookware, he was mediocre and he was barely getting by. He couldn’t get any housewives to listen to his presentation. He thought to himself, “If I could offer them some type of gift to get me in the front door, then maybe I could sell this product.” He knew the gift had to be related to cooking so he began to brainstorm.

What he came up with was an abrasive pad containing soap that was used to clean pots and pans. In his own kitchen, he took small steel wool pads and dipped them into a soapy solution. He let them dry and then dipped them in the solution again. He repeated this process until the pads were full of dry soap.

His family thought he was losing his mind but his invention worked! His cookware sales increased.

Not long after he started giving these pads away, the housewives stopped asking for cookware. They were interested in the amazing cleaning pads. Cox stopped selling cookware because the demand for the pads was so huge. His wife called the pads S.O.S., “save our saucepans” and the name stuck.

What problem or situation do you have that you need to look at differently?

What new way can you see it?

What new solution will you use to solve your current problem?


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