Holy Ghost Interruption

Spiritual power is an anointing from God that cannot be manufactured or worked up.

Many people have great natural abilities and possess many gifts. The danger with that is that it is easy to grow too self-confident and independent. We end up trusting in what WE can produce instead of depending on the power of God.

When you walk with God intimately and have experienced His power and anointing, you do not want to settle for the natural when you can have the supernatural. God can accomplish in one second what could take us a lifetime! I am opting for Him…His power…His touch…His anointing…His hand!

We can settle for average…we can have church with good music and lots of activity. We can check the box and go about our lives. Or we can have the unexplainable, the supernatural!

Don’t settle for the normal when you can have extraordinary. Don’t settle for “business as usual” when you can have Holy Ghost interruption. If you are not careful, your life will be explainable.

Don’t you long for the supernatural, the eternal, the life changing, life altering power of God?

Unfortunately for the most part, people and churches struggle half-heartedly through life hoping that tomorrow will be better than today. That’s not the life that is made by divine activity…that is human predictability.

So the choice is yours – you can settle for what you can do, or you can experience something more amazing, more powerful and more supernatural than you could ever imagine! I choose Holy Ghost interruption!


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