June 24

June 24…

That may not mean anything to you but June 24 was an exciting day around the Flockhart house. Our son Jeremiah got married on Friday, June 24 to the love of his life, beautiful Claire.

Vickie and I have prayed since Jeremiah was a young boy for his spouse.

As a parent, one of our greatest joys is to watch our children grow up, make good life choices and find that person that God has for them. Jeremiah has done that!

It’s still hard to believe though…I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. St. Patrick’s Day, 1986 in Wilmington, NC.

I was at work at Harris Teeter when I got a call from Vickie that it was time. She arrived at the hospital at 9:00 am and Jeremiah was born 2 hours later.

Jeremiah was a mischievous kid and loved to torment his brothers and sisters. I can picture him now getting right up in their faces and squealing or making weird noises just to annoy them!

And what an athlete he was. We have spent many hours in a gym watching Jeremiah play basketball like an NBA star! I won’t get into his temper and the talks he has had with quite a few refs! Those are great memories!

He has always been our “neat freak” even as a little boy. He hated sharing a room with Stevie because Stevie didn’t have a neat bone in his body!

Jeremiah is religious about keeping things neat and tidy and in order. Actually he is a little OCD! Claire is either going to be the most blessed woman in the world or he will drive her crazy! Ha

He has grown into an incredible man who is gifted and has been used greatly in ministry. I can’t wait to see what’s next for he and Claire!

So our son got married on Friday. I’m happy and I am sad.

I miss that little mischievous boy who added such fun to our home…but I am proud of the man who stood before me on Friday and said, “I do.”

And let me add that we are thrilled to welcome Claire to our family. She loves Jeremiah and seems to think he is pretty great! They adore each other.

We love you Jeremiah and Claire and we are excited as you begin this new journey in life!

June 24 was a great day.

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