#7 – Stay On The Wall

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#7 Stay on the wall

Nehemiah is one of my favorite people in the Bible, and my favorite book in Old Testament.

It’s not really a book of mighty miracles. Nehemiah didn’t see any ocean waters part down the middle, he didn’t experience God talking to him through a burning bush or calling fire down from heaven.

He never healed anyone and no one was ever raised from the dead through him.

Nehemiah is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary vision for God to build some walls. You read that right…his vision was to build the walls that had been torn down.

Each chapter is an action packed Hollywood blockbuster adventure! The action in this story is amazing. Just a man with a heart for God and a heart for people. Nehemiah wanted to be faithful to finish the task that God gave him.

As we read the book of Nehemiah, we find him growing discouraged. The pressure was on from all sides.

He was being attacked personally to the point that no building was taking place in chapter five. There was a stalemate taking place, no progress was being made…nothing on the outside was really happening.

That’s a tough place to be,but remember that just because you don’t see God working on the outside doesn’t mean that He’s not working on the inside!

In chapter six, the people return to work but so does the enemy! The critics come out once again.

When you are attempting to do something for God, be prepared…you will always be attacked. People who you thought loved you and cared about you will turn against you.

This will cause deep discouragement, insecurity, anxiety, frustration and even pain.

We see Nehemiah in chapter six doing what God called him to do – building the wall. The enemy rises up and tries to distract Nehemiah so the work of God will be hindered. He is accused of having wrong motives, playing politics and other things.

Nehemiah stood his ground and made the tough decisions. Those decisions are never easy, they are not popular and are usually misunderstood.

Nehemiah’s goal was not to win a popularity contest but to please the Lord by staying on the wall and completing the task.

I love verse 3 of chapter 6 in Nehemiah where it says, “So I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you?”

He won’t come down off the wall! He CAN’T come down off the wall!

The enemy is persistent though. Verse 4 says, “But they sent me this message four times, and I answered them in the same manner.” The enemy will not let up! Your task, your calling, your purpose is too important so don’t come down off the wall.

No matter how crazy it gets, no matter how frustrated you become, no matter how many sleepless nights you have…don’t come down! Stay on that wall and fight with everything that you have and everything that you are.

Remember, you might not see any miracles happening on the outside but I guarantee that one is taking place on the inside.

Stay on that wall!

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