What If

I have been studying the book of Joshua and just started a new series called “If” (starts this Sunday at our Tennessee campus.

One little if can can anything! I have been embracing the power of what if lately.

I sense that God is up to something. I am ready to go to the next level. I have been thinking what it is going to take for me and for you to go to the next level and really embrace If.

I. If We Move Past Our Past…
Whether it’s been good or bad, you have to move on. Paul says to let go of the things that are behind and look forward. Let go of the things that have held you back or have held you down.

II.What if We Embrace the Future…
Charles Kettering said, “My interest in the future is because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”

God has an amazing future for you. “The best is yet to come” is not just a cute little saying, but a mandate. Get excited about your future! God is!

III. IF I become the right person now..
Make the decisions that you know you need to make. Zig Ziglar said, “the best guarantee of a great tomorrow is a good today.”

Pray, be in the word, be filled with God’s spirit and dress in the armor of God every day. Deliver what you promise.

IV. If I Develop the Skills I Need…
What books do you need to be reading?
What people do you need to be spending time with?
What conferences or seminars should you be attending?
Be proactive. Take the initiative and start moving in the direction of your dream and goals.

V. If We Stay the Course…
It will get tough. You will feel like quitting! Stay the course. Stay focused. Be committed. Persevere through the obstacles. You can do it. It will happen for you if you stay the course.

One little iIF can change everything!

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