Four Kinds of People

I find myself complaining a little too much. It is just so easy to slip into the mode of complaining. If we’re not careful, we get to the point where we will find fault in everything and everyone.

Negative people are everywhere. Have you noticed that they have a six sense? They will sniff you out and find you to complain about something.

Surely you know what I am talking about…have you ever been around a really negative person? You know the ones I am talking about, they whine and complain about everything! If you give them just two minutes of your time, they will manage to tell you what is wrong with their job, their family, their kids, their neighbors, their church, etc…Everything in their lives is negative.

I find myself wondering what happened to those type of people  to make them so mean and critical. Their glass is always half empty and if you give them a chance, they will even pour water out of your glass!

I do know that some people have had a difficult past, a rough childhood or a really negative situation that has left them bitter. I understand that there are things in life that we cannot control. But your critical, complaining, grumbling attitude is not one of them!

Do you complain too much?

Do people avoid you because you are so negative?

Do you avoid certain people because you know their critical spirit and negative attitude will pull you down? I do! Really, I do! Life is too short to be consumed by those kind of people.

There are four kinds of people in everyone’s life. Those who add, those who multiply, those who subtract and those who divide.

If you are around negative people, you will soon become one of those negative people yourself!

Stay positive and be the kind of person that people love to see coming their way.

Out of these 4 kinds of people, which one are you? Do you add to people or multiply? Or do you subtract or divide ?


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