You’re Going To Miss This

Do you remember the movie Toy Story 3 when Andy goes away to college? If you have children and you have experienced a child leaving home, then you are probably crying right now.

You love each of your children equally but you also love them uniquely. If you are a parent with more than one child, then you understand that statement perfectly. As a father of 6 kids (4 boys and two girls), I can say that I love all my children equally and uniquely.

Last Friday, my baby girl celebrated her 25th birthday and on Sunday, she got married. I have so many mixed emotions about this.

My “Kirby Dirby Shirby Lirby” was just 8 years old the other day, kicking a soccer ball around and now, she is a married woman. How did that happen so quickly?

Kirby was our sixth child and she was a little surprise from God. Our twins were 10 months old whenever we found out that Vickie was pregnant with Kirby. We were a little stunned and maybe even a little overwhelmed.
Then Kirby entered the world on Labor Day, Sept. 2, 1991…life was never the same!

Our Kirby, with her sweet little raspy voice always had the greatest sense of humor and kept us all laughing.

She was a tomboy and she was a tough little thing. If her four older brothers were playing a game of basketball, she was in the middle of them. We have watched her get fouled and pushed to the ground with a busted lip but she would jump back up, wipe the blood off her face and go after the ball. (Funny, we watched her do the same thing a few months ago at Youth Camp!)

Kirby loves her family…she has great relationships with her siblings and their spouses. She is crazy about her nieces and nephews and they are crazy about “Turby.” She and her Mom are best friends and they do everything together. They are Tarheel fanatics and have a few stories about sneaking in the family room after games to hang with the coaches and players.

I love my long talks with Kirby. It’s awesome to have adult conversations with your “baby.”

Kirby is a passionate person. She will take a stand on things she believes in and not back down. She is stubborn (maybe like her Dad).

One of her greatest passions has always been politics, even as a little girl. Vickie and I have asked her opinion on who to vote for many times because she researches all of the candidates. She knows her stuff!

Kirby is extremely passionate about her relationship with God. She prays and reads her Bible and other books to continue growing. She is bold in sharing her faith. She has strong convictions. I have watched God use her on the foreign mission field and now, as a staff member for FCA. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). She has committed her life to serving Christ.

Kirby’s new husband Reid is a great guy. He shares her passion for Christ (and soccer) and I’m excited to see how God is going to use them as a couple.

At her wedding, Kirby chose the song, “You’re Going to Miss This” for out Father/Daughter dance. I cried like a baby as I danced with my little Kirby who was suddenly this stunningly beautiful woman.

Yes, I am going to miss this…but I look forward to making many new memories with this awesome woman and this man who stole her heart.


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