Webster defines pitfalls as “a hidden or unexpected danger. A trap or a snare. A covered pit used as a trap.”

Every person needs to be aware of the pitfalls. Satan knows each of us and his demons study where we are weak. They watch and wait for the opportune time so we will fall into their trap. Be aware of the pitfalls.

Unfortuntaley every time you turn around, you hear of someone making a poor decision that not only affects them, but their family, their church, and the kingdom of God. Sexual sin seems to be the one that I hear about the most. Henry Blackaby said, “Sexual sin has the heinous power to destroy a career, a family, and a reputation, all in one blow.”

Purity equals power. The bible is so clear on the subject of sexual purity and the consequences of adultery. (Proverbs 5-7) The simple solution: if you are married, never ever be alone with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse.

Blacksburg says, “The tragedy of sexual sin is that it is just as avoidable as it is devastating.”
Read that quote by Blackaby again.

Pitfalls really are avoidable. By spending time daily with the Lord, being filled with the Spirit and dressed in the armor of God.

Also by making sure to guard your heart and being in relationships with Godly people who can hold you accountable and give you wisdom.

Of course being in church and in a small group is vitally important as well.

These are just a few simple ways to avoid the pitfalls.

Have you slipped?
Do you know anyone lately that has made a series of bad decisions and has fallen?

Beware of the pitfalls!

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