Think Right, Act Right!

I have said to my children hundreds of times if you say you CAN’T, then you are right.

The moment that you start talking about losing, you have lost. When you start making excuses before the game, project or task is even finished, then you are already done.

People who constantly struggle with failed hopes or dreams… people who have a negative expectancy are people who are usually defeated before they even start.

If you are convinced that your actions will not succeed or if the reward will be less than the risk of failure, you simply will not try.

Do you focus more of your time seeking solutions or do you stay absorbed in the problem?

Do you look for the best in every situation – the opportunity that comes about, or do you think about how you will feel when you have failed?

Is your self talk positive or negative?

Have you ever seen a monument erected to a pessimist? Do we celebrate the people in history who were negative complainers who never took a risk?

No one would have blamed Christopher Columbus for turning back but no one would have ever heard of him either.

What situation or circumstance do you need to look at differently?
What project do you need to re-think?

What are you going to do differently today than you did yesterday?

If you don’t think right, you won’t act right!

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