Where Are You Running?

I talk to someone every week who is either in a mess or they know someone else who is in a mess.

They always start off saying, “I don’t know how I got here but…”

I think I have said “the secret to life is how you deal with your pain” at least a million times!

God has created us to be emotional beings and when we are hurting, we begin to create outlets or emotional escapes. When you are sad, mad, stressed out or really depressed, you begin to feel hopeless and grow frustrated with your current situation.

When that happens – when you get to that place, where do you run?

Do you run to alcohol or some other drug? What about that pornography that you have to watch or the issue you face with spending money out of control? You fill in the blank.

Do you run to these things or others that only cover up your pain, something that allows you to hide? Or do you run to the only one who can actually ease your pain and bring healing?

We all run, we all escape. The question is where you running?

If you run to the wrong thing you will not only create the opportunity for addiction to set in, you could jeopardize your future!

Run to Jesus! Run to a counselor! Run to friends! Run to accountability! Run to the right things.

Where are you running?

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