What Are You Dreaming About?

I have been at it again. Dreaming about reaching people and making a difference.

We have two campuses, one in Tennessee and one in Georgia. Different locations but one church. One vision but different dreams for different settings!

I have been dreaming.

If you haven’t been dreaming lately about something new, something better or something really big, then today would be a great day to start! Today, I want to encourage you to renew your God given right to dream.

9 years ago, I was dreaming. I was dreaming about what could be and what should be.

I was dreaming about starting a church in the most un-churched county in the state of Georgia. I can remember dreaming about reaching people, watching lives be changed and impacting the community.

2 years ago I was dreaming about a second campus in the Memphis area.

Unfortunately lots of people and churches are not dreaming. If you aren’t dreaming, you are not going anywhere. Every person ends up somewhere but few people and few churches end up somewhere on purpose.

I am constantly dreaming, planning, praying and believing for a different future. What are you dreaming about?

I had big dreams 9 years ago as 40 people met together, dreaming and praying of what could happen. And 2 years ago with about the same amount of people dreaming about a multi site campus in Tennessee.

None of us thought that in 9 short years, we would see over 2000 people walk forward to accept Christ!! We have seen miracle after miracle with God showing up and doing only what He can do.

I’m dreaming of so much more for New Season Church.

What are you dreaming about?

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