Open Heart Surgery

Aren’t you tired of making the same promises to yourself and to God over and over, yet nothing changes?

We don’t know why after hearing an inspiring message on Sunday that we fall back into the same pattern of behavior by Wednesday. We keep focusing on all the things that we are doing wrong. Our concentration is on our behavior.

We keep telling ourselves, “I am going to be different today. I am not going to lose my temper; I am not going to talk about people; I am not going to be rude and treat people so mean; I am not going to scream at the kids; I am going to control my road rage; I am going to stop ________.” You fill in the blank.

We are on a roller coaster of ups and downs and the cycle seems to be never ending. We do good for a while, then we fall, come back and repent, do good again and then fall again, feeling guilty and aggravated than ever.

We act out who we are. I know that is a tough pill to swallow but it’s true. Who we really are comes out.

Jesus actions stemmed from who he was. What came out of Him was in Him. His “doing” came from His “being.”

The only way we can truly change besides experiencing salvation is to experience sanctification, to grow and to join God in the process of sanctification.

Sanctification is a heart issue. It is allowing God to change you from the inner core of your being.

It is going to take time, patience, hard work and trusting in the grace of God. Prayer, the Word of God, denying yourself, falling deeply in love with Jesus, letting Him renew your mind and sanctifying your heart. You’re going to have to do your part. God has already done His part.

Open up your heart and let Christ invade every part. Fall at His feet, crucify flesh, surrender all, put up the white flag and let Jesus do His work. Cooperate while He operates!

We all need open heart surgery.

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