Will You Be the One?

This week has been an amazing week. We have seen God do what only God can do. I have been at camp with our students in Panama City Beach, Florida.

We have enjoyed the pool and the beach. There were some great games of pool football and yes, my team won!

New friendships were born and others were strengthened.

There were incredible times of worship where I watched our students abandon all to God, with their hands raised to heaven.

There were life changing moments experienced in Small Groups and in quiet times as students met one on one with God.

There were powerful messages that God used to challenge, convict and minister to students (and adults!)

Yes, we saw the Spirit of God move in hearts and change lives this past week!

5 students including a young man from my room, accepted Christ and many recommitted their lives to Him. Countless others made life changing decisions.

Camp brings the fire of enthusiasm and the desire to live for Christ and change the world. Many students may burn out in a month or so, but it is better to be on fire for a month than never to have been on fire at all!

Then, there will be those who stay the course. They will live consistently for Christ and their lives will never be the same.

The beach and the pool will be in the rear view mirror. But these student’s encounters with God will not…

There will be some who continue on.

There will be some who will win their friends to Jesus because of what happened in their lives at camp.

There will be some who step up and become leaders because of what happened at camp.

There will be at least one who will be a future Student Pastor, Missionary or devote his/her life to full time Christian service.

There will be at least one student this week who will experience that ‘defining moment’ in his/her life.

Will you be that one?

Will you be the one who catches fire and let others watch you burn?

Will you be the one?

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