Twice a month, I teach our entire staff a Leadership Lesson. This week, I taught on the subject of momentum. I taught this lesson because we have it! We need to keep it and we need to increase it. Momentum is the hardest thing to get and the easiest thing to lose.

Here are the seven facts that I taught about momentum:

1.            Momentum is created, it doesn’t happen by accident.

2.            People perform better with momentum on their side.

3.            Momentum is the greatest of all change agents.

4.            We must appreciate and protect momentum.

5.            We must find ways to increase momentum.

6.            It is easier to steer momentum than to start it.

7.            Without momentum, the simplest tasks seem insurmountable.

Seven things that hinder momentum:
1.    Doubt – Questioning your ability to do the job. Self-confidence is lost; worry and confusion take over.

2.    Procrastination – Putting off important decisions, hesitating to take risks, hoping the problem will take care of itself.

3.    Pride – Surrendering to egotism and status seeking; coveting the job title instead of concentrating on better ways to do the job; desiring to be well-thought-of instead of legitimately productive.

4.    Compliancy – Surrendering to the inner urge that almost everyone has to “take it easy;” being satisfied with “good enough” instead of “excellent.”

5.    Loss of purpose – Failing to make concrete plans for going anywhere else. Reaching the initial goal becomes the end of the career, instead of another beginning.

6.    Lousy attitude – Your attitude will make or break momentum. You must always be on your guard to watch your attitude.

7.    Making Really Bad Choices – It only takes one really bad decision to halt momentum. Look at the life of David.

Four things that causes momentum:

1.    Anointing of God

2.    Attitude of the leaders.

3.    Atmosphere of the organization.

4.    The accomplishments of the people.

Are you lacking momentum in your life? Maybe in your family life, your organization or church? Call a time out and regroup, refocus and practice the steps I have just outlined for you. In every sporting event, the opposing team calls a time out when the other team has momentum. Call a time out! And create some momentum of your own!


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