Ten Thousand Hits

     Almost 4 months ago, we launched steveflockhart.com and I started blogging. The response has been very encouraging.

     I am writing about real life issues and trying to encourage you to get off the couch and accomplish your dreams. It doesn’t matter what you have done or where you have been…what matters is where you are going now. What is it that you have been put on this planet to do?

      Have you ever thought about why you are living at this point and time? One of my purposes in writing this blog is to inspire hope; to believe in the second act in people’s lives; to encourage and challenge you to reach your God given potential.

     This weekend, we will be celebrating 4 months of blogging. We need your help. We are trying to get 10,000 hits by Monday. You can help us! If this blog has encouraged you in any way, please share the link to the blog on Facebook or Twitter and get your friends involved in reading. We have 3 days to hit 10,000, please help us spread the word!

      Thanks again for reading and watching the video blog on Mondays. I’ll let you know next Tuesday if we get 10,000 hits!

Help us Hit 10,000!! 


6 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Hits

  1. You and your family are a blessing to my family. We love you and missing hearing you every week. Good luck on your blog!!!

  2. Never forget coming to church so excited to listen to your messages, way back at Macedonia in the 90’s….. God brought me to church but God delivered the message through you! I stopped going to church during the time Tyler was going through his Chemo, for three years I was so angry that I was doing everything like God wanted, and yet I felt like he was punishing me and my child…little did I know God had a plan, and when he took Tyler home 3 years ago from his second battle of Cancer, I still remember you preaching how important it was to have a church “family”……I started to turn away again, but this stuck with me…..I am active here at Belmont Baptist (Pastor Jeff Hawkins), involved and I have to give partial credit to you for that, that one sermon had a HUGE impact on my life….

  3. So excited that even though we don’t get to see you all every Sunday, we still get to hear what God has laid on your heart. Miss you all.

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