I Remember

10 years ago, America was hit with one of the greatest tragedies that our country has ever faced. I am referring to that infamous day on September 11, 2001 when terrorists attacked and killed over 3000 people in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington.

All of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing that day. My wife and I were in Dallas, Texas where I was preaching a Revival.

I remember watching the coverage on television and being overwhelmed by the destruction and loss of life. It was surreal, like a bad dream. I remember being horrified as we saw people jumping to their deaths from the burning buildings. I remember watching the buildings collapse, knowing in that moment that so many people perished. I remember being so moved as I heard about Flight 93 crashing and how several heroic passengers stood up and tried to take control from the hijackers. I remember watching updates in the days and weeks afterwards as we learned about the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, Port Authority officers and other emergency response members who ran into the buildings to save lives, yet lost their own. I remember watching the news as husbands came looking for wives, sons came looking for fathers, mothers came looking for sons and posted photos hoping their loved ones would be found alive. Husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, executives, janitors, black, white, Hispanic, rich, poor, friends, family, on and on…all lost by this cruel and murderous act.

I also remember a few positive things that happened as a result of 9/11/01. Our country united in a way that I have never seen. Opposing political parties came together. Neighbors who had never spoken engaged in conversation. Celebrities, famous athletes and the “common man” worked together to raise money. Volunteers came from all over to engage in relief efforts, clean up, serving meals and whatever they could do to help, Families hugged each other more and made it a point to spend more time together. Factories could not keep up with the demand for U.S. flags, stores were selling out daily.

I also remember our churches being full. People were hurt and they were afraid. People needed security and they needed hope. Suddenly, people realized that they needed God and they came to the place where they felt they could “find” Him.

My son, Jeremiah and I had the opportunity to visit Ground Zero, the site in New York six months after the tragedy. We saw the devastation firsthand. I had the privilege to minister to policemen, firemen and Port Authority officers. I prayed with them and listened as they shared their stories. I remember that we were ushered over to a side area while several bodies were recovered from the debris. I remember the shock and sorrow I felt as I stood on the very ground where so many people lost their lives.

9/11/01 changed our country forever. An ‘innocence’ was lost that day and suddenly we became aware that evil is very real and it is watching and waiting.

The memories of 9/11/01 are forever sketched on my brain. How do you forget that? God forbid we forget that!

I remember and so does New Season Church.

As a public acknowledgement of our appreciation, we will be honoring all police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and emergency response members this Sunday, 9/11 in our 11:15 am service. This brave men and women deserve to be honored and showered with gratitude. New Season is excited about the opportunity to have these special guests and to have them join us for a complimentary lunch after the service. We just want to say – Thanks…We Remember.


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    1. As you know, our family will never forget that day. To have physically witnessed precious lives jumping from those buildings, to have cradled our 3 year old and ran to escape the massive smoke that covered the city, to know that we could not leave that city for days, oh I could go on and on. I remember when we finally got out, driving home, and we all wanted to be back for church on Sunday. We got in around 4am Sunday morning, but we were in church just a few hours later. I also remember sharing with the members on Sunday night, though I don’t know what all we said. It will be a day we will never forget. The eeriness of that day never fades!!!

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