Dings and Dents

The book of Numbers covers a period of 38 years. The book get its name from two numberings recorded. It is sad when you read that the group being numbered in the beginning of the book is not the same being numbered at the end of the book.

When the people of Israel were at Kadesh Barnea, they had a 10 day journey and then they would occupy the Promised Land. They failed to trust God. The sin of unbelief kept the people from experiencing all that God had for them. A 10 day trip turned into 40 years of wandering around in the wilderness. Please note that their wandering was a result of the people’s disobedience.

When you read the book of Numbers, it is about the journey of the people to nowhere. It’s one complaint, grumbling and bad attitude after another. A better title for Numbers would be the book of murmuring. From the time they left Egypt, all they did was complain. They complained and criticized everything. They were never satisfied. They were people who only cared about themselves. It was all about them and they had no problem telling you about it.

Have you ever been around people and all they did is murmur, grumble and complain? Their entire life existence is to let you know what is wrong in their lives and what is wrong with you.

I have a friend who repairs vehicles after suffering damage from hailstorms for a living. He recently told me a story about a lady who came into his shop with damage to her car caused by a hail storm. Her roof alone had 91 dents in it. My friend decided to go overboard in helping this lady. He repaired all of the dents in her car, buffed the entire car but kept her bill within the deductible to her insurance company. He went over and above to help her and her car looked incredible when he was finished. When the lady came to get her car, she immediately began to grumble and complain over the way that it looked. She told my friend that she liked the way the car looked before with all of those dents in it! She made him reverse the repairs that he made including rusty chips in the paint. She also told him that she worked in Customer Service at her place of employment…Unbelievable!

No-one wants to be around this type of people. Look in the mirror; evaluate yourself; ask the people closest to you if you are “that” person; Be positive; be a person of faith; be a light; be the person that God called you to be – a person who doesn’t walk around wandering in disobedience. Step out in faith and believe God for a better and brighter future. Life is full of dings and dents but don’t give everyone around you hail!


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