If you ask the average person today if they are happy, unfortunately most of them would answer “no”.

Sadness is prevalent in our society. Not a week goes by that I don’t speak to someone, or receive an email or a prayer request sharing how sad people are.

There is now an actual medical diagnosis called SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Sadness that lasts too long and goes too deep leads to depression. Clinical depression is currently the leading cause of disability in the United States. Did you just read that? Antidepressants are among the most prescribed medications in our society.

Many people are tired, frustrated and confused. They are just not happy. Their financial stability is in deep trouble and they are not experiencing satisfying relationships with their spouse, children, family or friends. Most people are living quiet lives of desperation and depression. They need a breakthrough.

The only true way that I know for you to have a breakthrough is not to give up. In order to experience that breakthrough, you are going to have to persevere. Keep standing, keep praying, keep believing and don’t give up or give in. I am not saying that you’re not going to get knocked down, you will! But don’t let life knock you out.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “you gain strength and courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face; you must do that thing you cannot do.”

You’re down, depressed and you’re playing mind games.  ‘I’m done, I’m through, who cares?’ I’ll________ – you can easy fill in that blank. I hear you! I really do feel your pain. A breakthrough will come to those who persevere.

 I know it’s not easy. I am praying for you! I also want to give you a free copy of my “Shattered; When Life Goes to Pieces “ series. I’ve heard from a few (I need an address to send you the CDs) I will choose the two winners this weekend.

Let me hear from you…I desperately want you to have a breakthrough!   


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  1. This is sooo true. I struggle with SAD all the time. Thanks for the positive words. I will send my address in a message. Thanks!

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