Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

I would like to first start off by thanking all of you for making every part of this possible! As im sure you know a blog works best when you have people who read it, and in less than five months we have had well over 10,000 views!! We at Over The Wall Ministries and New Season Church are so grateful to God for providing us with this opportunity to reach people, and we hope that these posts have been able to help you along with your daily walk with Christ!

As you may have seen, yesterday Over The Wall Ministries and New Season Church launched our first completely free iTunes podcasting channel! We now will be bringing you the weekly sermons that i preach on Sunday morning with no charge with a click of a button! Click the link below to Subscribe to this podcast so you can automatically be updated with new sermons weekly!

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Thank you again for your tremendous support through this ministry and we pray you will continue to be helped by these posts and God will move in an awesome way in your life! And to show which posts have had the most affect here are the Top 5 Post for September!

5. Storm Or Rainbow?

4. Dont Worry, Be Happy

3. A Message from Governor Deal to New Seaoson Church

2. Destructive Emotions

1. Shattered!

One thought on “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

  1. We love you Pastor Steve and I think you are doing a great job at New Season Church!!!! Keep saving lives!!!!

    Love to you and the family!!


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