Abundant Life

Jesus said in John 10:10 “I have come that you may have life abundantly.” 

Can you articulate exactly what you want out of life?

Are you focused on specific goals that will not only bring you satisfaction, but new opportunities that will make your dreams come true?

Do you believe that life is full of meaning and purpose?

Do you believe it was meant to be lived to the fullest?

Are your decisions easy to make because your life’s purpose clarifies what is most important?

Do you know that making the decisions of what is most important will chase away those endless things that clutter your life?

What actions can you take now rather than later?

I would suggest the following to experience all that God has for you:


1. Maybe If I start my day off with the Lord in prayer and in His word, I will have more energy and the strength to stay in the game.

2. Maybe if I improve my since of mission and purpose, I will have a better idea of where I’m headed.

3. Maybe if I improve my attitude, I will be able to see more clearly the opportunities presented to me every day.

4. Maybe if I prioritize my life better, I will not stay involved in the issues that burn up my time. 

5. Maybe if I take action sooner, rather than permitting procrastination to rear its ugly head, my dreams would become reality.


Jesus promised abundant life. If we are not experiencing abundant life, then we know who is at fault.


Today… Make the decision to live abundantly.

One thought on “Abundant Life

  1. I really need to work on #4. Oh and #1 could use some work and,,,,,, ok the whole list hit home,,,,, again! Probably why it’s so quiet in here:). Thanks Pastor. Keep ’em coming!

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