Making An Impact

Ever consider the power of just one word? The dictionary on my iPhone defines the word impact as “to have an effect on; to alter; influence in a significant manner.
When someone says something or someone has impacted their life, they are saying that something changed. If a train impacts a car at 50 miles per hour, things are going to be different! If you or someone you love is going through cancer or chemo, it has impacted you and your family. If someone invested time in you, encouraged you, mentored you or discipled you, then the potential for impact can be life changing.
When I became a Christian, I had two men in my life who impacted me to the degree that I have never been the same.
One man taught me evangelism (or I should say I ‘caught’ it from him) and he taught me how to pray. The other man taught me to love the Word of God and preach it expositionally, and he taught me how to “do” ministry. One man taught me in a “classroom” setting in the sense that it was clearly defined – teacher/student. We had a certain agenda in what we studied and we witnessed to people in a local park. The other was from a mentoring style – more organic in nature. Life lessons and ministry lessons along the way that truly impacted my heart and mind. Both men loved me and encouraged me and at times rebuked me! I am forever grateful and indebted to these men. Their investment in my life can’t be measured on this side of eternity. These men did not know the impact they were going to have on my life, my families’ lives, all the different people that I would pastor and the other pastors that I have been able to encourage through the years. (check out
Who has impacted your life? Who is that person that was used to teach you and influence you into who you are today?
Are you returning the investment? Are you intentionally impacting other peoples’ lives? There’s a Steve Flockhart waiting on you out there! We need lives that are willing to impact the next generation…including my own grandson and granddaughter!! Go impact a life!
Thank you Tony Sellars and Johnny Hunt…you each made a difference, you each impacted a life that by the grace of God is impacting others!


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