6 Months

To start off we would like so share the top five post for the month of October.

5. Abundant Life

4. A Dream Can Take You Anywhere

3. Mission Possible

2. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

1. Listening And Learning

For Those of you have just started reading this blog. This makes 6 months of blogging and helping encourage others. We have had 120 blogs posted and over 12,000 views. So we would like to give you the chance to see the Top Five Post of All Time! Check them out!

5. Listening And Learning

4. Defining Moments

3. Regret

2. Fight For Your Marriage

1. Ten Thousand Hits

If this blog has impacted your life in any way let us know how by leaving a comment below! And Once Again thanks for reading our Blogs on steveflockhart.com

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