Daddy’s Girl

Genesis 2:24 says, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”

I always knew this day would come. I began praying for my children’s spouses when they were born. A Dad looks forward to his sons finding a wife. As for his daughters finding husbands…not so much. Every dad knows that one day “that guy” will come visit him and ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. I know that every girl dreams of getting married. I am not an expert on women but after living with three for many years now, I have learned that little girls grow up waiting on Prince Charming. All girls want to find “Mr. Right” and live “happily ever after.” Every girl longs for the Cinderella story. It is played out over and over in the young woman’s mind and in a hundred chick flicks. Most of the romantic comedies today are top grossing films because women love to see them played out. Cinderella is beautiful, Prince Charming is a handsome gentleman and perfect happiness is just a kiss away.

Well, it has happened. Prince Charming came to see me. He invited me to breakfast. After an hour of small talk, he asked me the question. ( I had already known in my heart why he wanted to have breakfast with me.)  I knew what was coming. I quickly tried to imagine how I would feel. Here it goes…He is asking for my first born daughter’s hand in marriage. He is asking for “Daddy’s girl”. He is asking to marry my little girl (who is almost 22).

This was hard. Honestly, it is still hard. I told him yes. I said yes to a guy who has been radically saved, loves Jesus and just recently started pastoring his first church. I said yes to this guy who passionately articulated to me how much he loves my daughter; is promising to take care of her and make her happy. I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this. This is my little girl.

Last night he asked her to marry him and she said “yes.”  Kayla, my little girl is now officially engaged and will be married next August.

If you know Kayla, you know that she is a very beautiful young woman. She is actually stunning. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside.

She is sweet and caring. She has the amazing ability to be gentle and sensitive but she can also be  one of the stubborn, toughest people you will ever meet!

She loves Jesus and has always taken a very bold stand for him. She WILL confront and correct when things aren’t “right.”

She loves ministry, especially working with children. She cares about people. She will be an incredible Pastor’s wife.

Kayla has kept herself pure and she is a virgin. I am so proud of her for that commitment. She has turned out to be an incredible young woman who loves the Lord.

I believe most parents all have the same desires. They want their kids to grow up and lead successful lives. Lives with purpose and conviction. They want them to make wise decisions and live Christ centered lives that bring glory to God. My Kayla has done that.

I am proud of her and excited for her. I know that she is happy, so I am happy. Daddy’s girl has grown up. Pray for me! I am going to have to walk my girl down the aisle,  give her away and then conduct the marriage ceremony. I am crying again…
Congratulations Kayla and Kenny. I love you both and really am excited about your future. And Kayla…you will ALWAYS BE Daddy’s girl. (Tears again)


13 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. I have tears too now!!! I am so happy for you and your family!! Congratulations Kayla and Kenny!! May God bless your marriage!!!

  2. I love you and you’re right…i will always be a daddy’s girl! This means so much to me and You helped me by picking the right one! I see so much of you in him and that makes me very happy! I love you and mom and I can’t wait to plan my big day 🙂

  3. Well … now I have tears! Beautiful post Brother Steve for a beautiful occasion. There is nothing like the love between a daddy and his baby girl though. I remember it being so tough for my own dad, but now he and my husband have an amazing bond! Congratulations to your entire family! Love you all.

  4. Steve, remember in John 11:35 Jesus Wept….so I firmly believe that Christ was showing us…that tears really are a language that even He understands..I have no daughters..but I cried throughout my only child’s wedding a few years ago.. so..Congratulations…and never be ashamed of tears………….

  5. Wow… congraulations to Kayla and to all the Flockharts for adding another one into the family. I pray many blessings on them for a long and happy marriage! This had me in tears.. it’s so wonderful to see someone so passionate about his family. God Bless Kayla and Kenny!! A most beautiful couple in deed!

  6. That was such a beautiful story and certainly a tear jerker. I am so happy that Kayla has found a wonderful man of God to share her life. I know you must be very proud and grateful as well. The story of her engagement was just so touching and if that is any indication of what kind of man he is, she is truly blessed. I know that he is blessed to have found such a beautiful, wonderful girl in Kayla. It must be an amazing feeling to know that God will always be the center of their marriage. I am so happy for them,you and Vickie. AND of course, there is no doubt that she will be a fabulously beautiful bride.

  7. I am too in tears. What a wonderful family!!! I am happy for your family. Congratulations Kayla and Kenny! A great post Pastor Steve. Love your family and miss ya’ll!!

  8. Those are beautiful words that Kayla will treasure and the day you walk her down the aisle will be one to treasure in your heart of memories.

  9. Mrs. Kayla Green will be a Beautiful Bride, Wonderful Mother & Great Pastor’s wife!

    I am so Happy for you Kayla!

    Miss My Flockhart Family.

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