I’m Running

Last Sunday in our church, we sang a song with the lyrics, “I’m running to your arms, oh Jesus, I’m running to your arms.”

That’s exactly where we need to run. Proverbs 18:10 says, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower;The righteous run to it and are safe.” Let me encourage you today to run to Jesus, to throw yourself at Jesus. Run to His healing power, run to His grace and mercy, run to His forgiveness and restoration, run to His arms. His arms are wide open!

God has created us to be emotional beings and when we are hurting, we begin to create outlets or emotional escapes. When you are sad, mad, stressed out or really depressed, you begin to feel hopeless and grow frustrated with your current situation. When that happens – when you get to that place, where do you run? Do you run to alcohol or some other type of drug? Do you engage in unhealthy relationships with people other than your spouse or if you are single, do you sleep around? What about that pornography that you have to watch or the issue you face with spending money out of control? You fill in the blank – where do you run?

Do you run to these things or others that only cover up your pain, something that allows you to hide? Or do you run to the only one who can actually ease your pain and bring healing?

Today, choose to stop looking for that instant “quick fix” and choose instead to run into the arms of the one who is madly in love with you. Run to the one whose arms were opened wide 2000 years ago on a cross and are still open, waiting for you to take the plunge. Run and jump into His arms. Your Daddy is waiting to reclaim you so go ahead...run – run into His arms!

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