Desert Days

     One of the greatest difficulties in life is being in a situation that is bigger than you and facing obstacles and circumstances that are overwhelming. When we face a difficult problem, fear and anxiety creep in and have a paralyzing effect on us.

     Have you ever been stopped in your tracks and stunned by a situation that totally rocked your world? Maybe your spouse said, “I’m done” or maybe bankruptcy is on the horizon staring you in the face. Maybe your health is declining or you are facing a serious physical condition. The truth is, life isn’t fair many times. We all face pain, struggles, frustration and disappointment. I know I have in my life…I know the desert very well. I know what it is like to be in that hot, dry, miserable, lonely place called the desert.

     If you read the Bible it is full of people who were desert dwellers. Moses, Joshua, the children of Israel, David and Jesus (just to name a few)! Jesus was in the desert forty days being tempted by the devil. So if you find yourself in the desert slugging it out with the devil, then you are in good company.

     A great deal of temptation comes when you are in the desert so be cautious. You think unthinkable thoughts when you are in the desert…”I am done; I want out of my marriage; I am just going to run and escape from all of this.” At that point, drugs, alcohol, pills, etc… become your companion in the desert.

     The desert can become a maternity ward for maturity, growth and a supernatural encounter with God or a maternity ward for addictions, pornography and low life living.

Don’t run to short term solutions to solve your long term problems. You may be a desert dweller today but hang on…your time in the desert will come to an end. It did for Moses, it did for Jesus and it will for you! So hang in there my friend, your desert days are numbered!

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