Divine Activity

I love seeing people get saved. I love watching people grow in their faith. I love to see God’s church grow and people come from everywhere. I love to see construction. I love to see walls going up and walls coming down.

I am addicted to divine activity! I have had this addiction since July of 1985. Ever since I experienced this divine activity in my life, I can’t seem to settle for the “normal.” Vance Havner once said, “Christians have been subnormal for so long that if they got just got normal, people would think they are abnormal.” I love seeing God do things that only God can do. I am grateful that I get to see divine activity.

Don’t you long for the supernatural; the eternal; the life changing, life altering power of God? If you are not careful, your life will be explainable. Unfortunately for the most part, people and churches struggle half-heartedly through life hoping that tomorrow will be better than today. That’s not the life that is made by divine activity…that is human predictability.

Do you have any outrageous prayer request? Can you think of anything that has happened in your life that is unexplainable? Any divine activity lately? When you take your natural ability and His super divine activity, you get supernatural!

Please don’t pray for my addiction to go away. There are too many anemic, average, “just getting by” Christians in the world today. What we need is a Holy Ghost encounter with the God of the Universe to breathe new life into us. That can’t help but move us into experiencing divine activity!

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