Every year, New Season Church embarks on a 21 day journey of prayer and fasting. We ask our people to take one day and pray and fast for a miracle (or miracles) in their lives personally, and in the life of New Season.

We have seen the miraculous take place as a result of this annual journey. Marriages have been restored, addictions have been broken, physical healing has taken place, lost family members have accepted Christ and financial issues have been resolved! God has blessed these times of seeking His face through prayer and fasting.

Do you want 2012 to be just another year? Or would you like for God to manifest His presence in your life in a powerful, supernatural manner? Would you like to engage Him in a time that will be so memorable and life changing that you will never be the same? If your answer is “yes”, I encourage you to set aside a day to fast and pray this month.

Jesus said in chapter 6, verse 16 in Matthew, “WHEN you fast”…not “if” but “when.” Jesus assumed that if you were a follower of Him that you would fast.

Fasting is mentioned 77 times in the bible. Over 50 people were mentioned in the bible fasting. Jesus was one of them. The bible gives much exhortation, illustration and instruction on the subject of fasting. Fasting bends the ear of God. Fasting unlocks the doors of heaven and slams the doors of hell. Fasting opens doors and God’s special anointing falls on your life when you fast.

I encourage you to read Isaiah, chapter 58 and see the results of fasting. It is an incredible description of what happens when we fast and pray.

We are believing that 2012 will be the greatest year so far for New Season Church. Join us in praying and fasting as we seek our Father’s face and pray bold, audacious, faith-filled prayers.

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