Know Your Purpose

Everything on the earth has a purpose. Everything in life has a purpose. Doesn’t it just make sense that you should know your purpose and live it? When you discover your life’s purpose, it will give you inner drive, peace and fulfillment.

Whatever drives you shapes your life. What ultimately shapes your life are the decisions you make. When you are fulfilling your life’s purpose and when you live on mission, your life will have meaning and joy. If you make wrong decisions and don’t live out your purpose, you will live a life of regret and frustration.

Here are four decisions that you need to make today:

1. Decide what to focus on.
What you focus on determines how you think, feel and act.

2. Decide that nothing is more important than living out your purpose.
Your purpose may be to be a great parent to your children.

3. Decide that quitting is never an option.
God’s delays are not God’s denials…unless you quit.

4. Decide that TODAY you will start living your purpose!

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