Do Numbers Matter?

In the book of Acts, it says 3000 were saved and baptized. How did Luke know? Someone counted! The Holy Spirit made sure we knew the numbers. There is a book in the Old Testament called Numbers. Evidently God cares about numbers.

God cares about the number of lives that hear the gospel.

God cares about the number of people who respond to the gospel. Heaven rejoices over just one.

The number of people who have their marriages restored…

The number of people who have been set free from addictions…

The number of people who were saved last week in your church…

Last Sunday, we saw over 200 people make a decision at New Season. Some of them were salvation…1 of those numbers was my own son, Austin! He came forward to settle the issue of his salvation and ask Jesus into his life. Believe me when I tell you – that number mattered a whole lot!

Some were rededications, people coming back to God and asking for a fresh touch.

Some were people joining the church.

Others were coming to express a desire to serve at New Season or be involved in a Community Group.

Over 200…that’s a great number of people responding to Jesus! God is all about the numbers.

Do numbers matter? They matter to God!

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