People Matter

I learned a very valuable lesson last Sunday that I had learned in the past but just needed to be reminded of. I confess that I can be extremely hard headed sometimes!

I learned that God doesn’t need Steve Flockhart; Steve Flockhart GETS to participate in what God is doing. Last week I preached a little 25 minute sermon. My two points were: 1 – Saved People Serve People and 2 – You Can’t Do Life Alone. I was getting sick, not feeling well at all and I could barely talk.

My subject matter was clearly directed to believers dealing with serving and getting involved in Community Groups. God showed up! (*Read yesterday’s blog) I want to encourage you to bring people to church with you every Sunday. It doesn’t matter what the preacher is preaching, just as long as the “big preacher” shows up!

Here are a few reasons you should bring someone with you this Sunday:

People matter to God!

Everyone will spend eternity somewhere.

Hell is real.

Heaven is sweet.

New Season is on fire!

The Bible instructs us to invite: Matthew 28: 18-20 Matthew 16:15 Luke 24:48 John 20:21 Acts 1:8

It’s up to you and me to share the Good News. I’ll make you a deal. You get them to church and I promise they will hear about Jesus!

People matter to God, they should matter to us!

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