Personal Growth – Part II

Yesterday I wrote about how important it is for you to have a personal growth plan. I shared different things to help get you started. Let’s finish today with some more insights and an accountability plan.

1. Set aside a time for growth:
What are you willing to give up in order to grow? A little television, Facebook time, a nap, some extra sleep? Emerson was right when he said, “for everything you gain, you give up something.” Let me encourage you to get rid of your excuses as to why you are not growing and set a specific time aside to grow.

2. Grow with someone:
Find someone or a group of people who have the same goal for personal growth that you have and start the journey together. It will provide the needed accountability. You will build great relationships. You will learn and increase your knowledge and a shared vision will be accomplished. We all need a “Paul” in our lives, someone who is ahead of us; a “Timothy”, someone we can bring along and a “Barnabas”, someone who can encourage us along the way. Find someone to grow with.

3. Get a Plan for Growth:
Here is my plan, yours will be different. Adapt, change, modify – the bottom line is, get a plan! A plan is better than no plan!

1. I pray daily to be intimate with God.
I read daily to grow in my devotional life and personal life.
I think daily of what I’ve learned and I use it, apply it.

Every week I …..

1. I listen to broaden my perspective. (Ipod, internet)
2. I evaluate and practice in order to see the Big Picture.
3. I plan out the next week.

Every month I ……

1. Call my mentor
2. Evaluate my progress.
3. Plan other growth opportunities.

Every quarter I ……

1. Go to a Seminar – training (Growth opportunities)
2. Evaluate my progress
3. Talk to people who are success in an area I’m weak in or interested in.

Every year I ……

1. Evaluate where I’m at in every area.
2. Make new goals.

The greatest journey you will ever take is a journey of personal growth. I hope to see you on the road!

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