Love is in the air

There is no doubt many couples will be going out on a date to celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight or this weekend. Cards will be exchanged, candy and flowers will be given and well…hopefully other things to follow.

Today, I want to share four things with the ladies and five things with the men to make every day special like Valentine’s Day.


1. Feed Your Man’s Ego
Men have extremely fragile egos that make them feel they must always be right and they must always be in control. Ladies, make it a point to tell him you respect him and admire him. Seek his advice! Feed his ego.

2. Enjoy recreational activities together
Ecclesiastes 9:9 says, “enjoy life with your wife.” Remember men are doers – they pursue action, They are task oriented. Find something that you both enjoy and do it together. If you luck out like me, your wife will like sports!

3. Look your best
Men are stimulated by what they see. Your man is visual so get all dolled up for him!

4. Enjoy sex often
You read that right! Read Proverbs 5:19 and I Corinthians 7: 3-6. Enough said!


1. Date your wife weekly
Dating must be a priority. It can be a lunch date, an evening out, a movie, dinner, etc… The point is, just make sure you take your wife out, just the two of you once a week. Dating will be a major factor in deepening your relationship.

2. Talk to her
Men need to learn to be better conversationalists. Speak up – ask her how her day was, really be interested in it. Make sure you listen well and make eye contact. Communication is vital in any marriage.

3. Provide for her physically and emotionally
The number one need for a woman is security. She wants financial security. I know there are tough times and I know that many men are depressed over their job situations. Do whatever it takes to provide! Also know that she needs emotional support. Emotional support is the cement that holds everything together.

4. Plan trips away
I know that money is tight. I know we are all busy but you must not miss this one. A change of scenery and the thought and time it takes to plan will do wonders for your marriage and there are other benefits as well.

5. Show her, don’t just tell her
Most women’s love language is you doing something. Take some action, words mean very little when they’re not backed up with action. Whatever it is that she needs you to do…taking out the garbage, “honey do” list…whatever that is, do it! Show her the love and she will show you the love.

Make these things a lifestyle and everyday will be Valentine’s Day. Let me hear from some of you couples and I will be giving away my marriage series CDs at the end of the week to a lucky winner!

2 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. Thesr tips are simple but wonderful! We are a young couple only five years into our marriage. Already we have had some big ups and downs, but finding New Season has truly saved what might have otherwise been a failed marriage. We still have so much to learn but have already started seeing things in a new way thanks to Him. Steve you have a gift, thank you and thank God.

  2. Love is the Air at NSC! Woo-hoo! I agree with above comment (VB)Without a doubt know in my heart that marriages are being saved, reconciled, revived and renewed at our church! Thank you Pastor Steve! May the Holy Spirit continue to move supernaturally! 🙂

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