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  1. I am so happy that the LORD lead me to New Season Church and Pastor Steve; this is the first time in my 44 years of life that I have someone in my life that explains the bible to me in a way I understand; that is all I have ever wanted for a church is to understand the bible; Pastor Steve does an awesome job; I praid asked to the LORD to find me a Church home and what I thought I needed that is not where he sent me; (All churches that I have been to was about, who dresses the best and who can get the holy ghost and listening to the pastor get louder and louder; but never did I undstand the message. But until GOD put two people in my life who invited me to New Seasons Church, I am now so happy and tell everyone about new season, such a very happy, welcoming and non judgemental Church. I love new Season’s Church and Pastor Steve is such a excellent teacher.

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