Take a Risk

All through the Bible, I see men and women of God stepping out and taking risks. When you read about the life of Jesus, you will not see “safe and predictable.” You won’t see boring or mundane. I love what Henry Ward Beecher said, “A man looking at the present in light of the future, and taking his whole being into account, maybe contented with his lot; that is Christian contentment. But if a man has come to that point where he is so content that he says, ‘I do not want to know any more, or do any more, or be any more; he is in a state in which he ought to be changed into a mummy.”

Jesus save you to be a mummy. He saved you to live a life that brings glory to Him and many times, that life involves risk.

There are three kinds of people regarding risks:

1.    Those who take risks and succeed.
2.    Those who take risks and fail.
3.    Those who don’t take any risks at all.

Don’t be that person who is afraid to fail so they never lay it out there and take a risk.

There are many ways to become a failure but never taking a chance is the biggest. Many people sit and contemplate while others take action by stepping up, stepping out and taking a risk.

Many people are afraid of looking foolish or afraid of being out front. Joe Stillwell said, “the higher a man climbs, the more his rear is exposed.” That is so true! What is it that is keeping you from taking a risk? Is it embarrassment or rejection? Is it uncertainty of the outcome?

Step out like Peter did in Matthew, chapter 14…take the risk and if you fall or start to sink, Jesus will be there to catch you!

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