I’m asking God to give myself, and every member of New Season a renewed sense of urgency when it comes to reaching people. There are times in life when action must be taken. Passivity has no place in the Kingdom of God! God gives us a passion and an urgency for people! People really do matter to God. Everyone you see today… EVERYONE you and I come in contact with today will spend eternity somewhere. Heaven is real, and hell is real and people will spend eternity in one or the other. This is why we exist… So that people far from God may find life in Christ. At New Season we create environments where you can bring people who are far from God. We will present the Gospel in such a way that they will clearly understand it. One is simple fact: I NEED JESUS. Do you have a since of urgency? Will you do anything short of sin to get people to church? I want everyone to experience sense of urgency, everyone to experience the same peace, the same joy, the same life that I have experienced… God give us an urgency…

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