Greatest Volunteers On the Planet!

We are still celebrating all that God did in our Easter weekend services. 4 years ago after only being open less than 2 months, we were praying that God would give us 250 people at Easter.

This past weekend, 4 years later, we had almost 1800 people attending and over 250 people volunteering at New Season.

We have the greatest people on the planet. It was an amazing sight to see people working at the VIP tent/desk, serving at the Coffee Bar, in the parking lot, greeting, taking care of babies, teaching children, counseling, serving as ushers, working sound/lights, WHATEVER you did! Awesome volunteers stepping up everywhere!

Thank you New Season volunteers for your time, commitment, love for Jesus and serving others. It made a difference!

You are all incredible and we greatly appreciate each of you. Thanks for all that you do for Jesus and for New Season!

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