Nothing Is Impossible for Him!

Napoleon said that “impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools.

Jesus said, “nothing is impossible with God.”

If you watch any kind of television, then I am sure you have seen the AT&T commercials. AT&T has challenged us to re think ‘possible.’ The idea behind their marketing campaign is to help us discover that technology has made that which was once impossible, possible. They tell us to re think possible. AT&T tells us to “expand our boundaries of can’t” “to see what’s on the other side of ‘too far,’” “outsmart can’t,” “put a restriction on limits,” and then they leave us with a reminder that “before it could be done, it couldn’t.”

There is no question technology has caused us to “Rethink Possible.” Who would have imagined 20 years ago that we could have a device that fits in the palm of our hands that allows us to communicate to the world with the touch of a button? They tried to re think possible…and have greatly succeeded!

As you think about your life and the dreams you possess, or maybe once possessed, you too need to re think possible…maybe you think, “I’m not good enough, I’m not skilled enough, I don’t have enough resources, nobody will support me or believe in me, I’ve made too many mistakes in my life, or I don’t have what it takes.”

Basically, you think it’s impossible. Excuses keep you from the life you desire most. Setbacks and failures paralyze you in fear and prevent you from trying. So you sit, you wish, and you never dare. Consequently, you miss out on what could be because the belief of what should be has been drowned out by what you perceive is the hopeless despair of what is.

What is it right now that you are facing in your life that you have attached the word, “impossible” in front of? Maybe it’s a job situation, maybe it’s a family situation or maybe it’s something in your church.

Today, I want you to have more faith that A T & T, more faith than Apple, more faith than Microsoft…today, I want you to believe the impossible because we serve a God that spoke the word into nothing and made everything!

NOTHING is impossible for Him! 

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