Live Proactive!

      Today I want to challenge you to make something happen!


     In order to make something happen you have to stop being the victim. You are also going to have to stop making excuses. You are going to have to be pro active instead of reactive.

     Let me give you three simple steps to help you make things happen.

1.  Choose or Lose– You must choose what’s important. Everything isn’t a priority. You must determine what is that #1 dream, goal or vision that you want to accomplish. A life in which anything goes will ultimately be a life in which nothing goes. Choose or lose.

2. Organize or Agonize– your plan. Get your “stuff” together – literally. Make sure you have your plan written out, the steps to execute and a deadline attached to it. Organize or agonize.

3. Visualize or Neutralize– Visualization is one of the keys in helping you make things happen. You need to visualize the completion of your goal, your dream, your project, etc… You need to visualize yourself getting that promotion or reward. Visualize the fulfillment that you will experience once the goal is accomplished. If you are having a hard time doing this, then visualize your past successes and how you felt. Visualize or neutralize.


I’m not saying that if you follow these three steps that everything that you want in life is going to happen. I am just saying if you are tired of sitting in the lazy boy, clicking the remote… Then go make something happen!

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