Words to live by

Right now I am in the Gospel of John devotionally.

John was known as the Disciple who Jesus loved. John had a deep, personal relationship with Jesus. God took one of the ‘Sons of Thunder” and melted and molded his heart to be a loving, caring, sensitive man of God.

Half of the Gospel of John is made up of the Words of Jesus. His Gospel also sees forth that Jesus is God in the flesh. John didn’t want any confusion in who Jesus was, what Jesus did and what Jesus said.

In the Gospel of John, the key words are life, light and love. These are powerful and profound words to live by. Jesus came to give us abundant life; Jesus is the light of the world; God so loved the world that He gave His only son.

I am studying and looking at each of these words as I read through the gospel. These are marvelous words to live by. I want my life to count, to make an eternal difference. I want to be a light so others may come to know Christ.

Without love for God and family, nothing else really matters. These are words to live by: Life, Light, Love.

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