Three Scenarios

I have had the amazing opportunity to attend many shows on Broadway. I have also seen many off Broadway shows. I love live theater. I would rather see a live performance anyday than go to a movie.
The best shows escalate the excitement as the story is told and the first act concludes with a bang. The second act is when everything comes together…the pieces finally fit. I have seen many shows that follow this pattern but I have also seen a few that had a really rocky start. They began very slow but came together and the second act was incredible. I’ve seen a few where the first act had all the bells and whistles and the second act was a dud.

So there are three scenarios.:

1. Start strong and finish bad.

2.Steady start and a steady second act.

3. A little shaky at the beginning and then a spectacular second half.

I’m not sure what scenario your life falls into but let me encourage you to make the second act of your life the best. No matter if you started strong and you have experienced great success, dream more and believe God for more. Do something that makes the first half seem mundane. Don’t rest on your past laurels, GO FOR IT and make your second act amazing!

If your first half has been nothing to talk about, then step up and step out…make the second act your priority. Find your purpose and live out your destiny!

If you are like most people, our first half may not have been our best performance. We have experienced some bumps and even some crashes along the way. We have even felt like quitting at times. Listen to me, Change directions! Start a new course! The curtain is rising, the second act is just starting.

Don’t just sit there moaning and groaning over past failures, past regrets, or what “could have been.” Begin your second act and make it spectacular. The crowd may not cheer you on but your Heavenly Father is cheering for you. Just as we read in Acts, chapter 7 that He did for Stephen, Jesus will give you a standing ovation!

You have so much more to do and the stage belongs to you. Begin your second act with confidence and determination to make it amazing!   


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