I am convinced that 99% of people today need a breakthrough. Most people are tired, frustrated and confused, wandering around in a fog of discouragement. The battles of life are intense and many people feel they are losing.

Most people are not happy. Their relationships with their spouses, children, family and friends are not satisfying. They are not in positions of financial security. The opposite is true. People are broke and are losing things. Many people feel alone, alienated and stagnant. We are living our lives in desperation. We are in need of a breakthrough.

Let me suggest three ways for you to experience a breakthrough.

I. Know your purpose; your mission
You must know the “why” you are here. God has a specific plan and direction for your life. There really is a unique reason that you are alive. You must be on mission. You will never have a breakthrough without knowing your purpose.

II. Get rid of the junk
We all have sin and we all fall short. What is that sin that you are holding on to? You must get that mess out of your life for you to experience a breakthrough. It’s called repentance – turning away from sin. Forsake and renounce these things that are hindering your breakthrough.

III. Persevere
We all face challenges in life. We all have things come against us. We all feel like giving up. Many times, we take two steps forward and three steps back. We get so frustrated that we end up quitting or lying down. In order to have a breakthrough, you are going to have to persevere.

Let me hear about your breakthrough!

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