Overcoming Stress

All of us know about the word, STRESS. We are all involved in circumstances that send us head first into an ocean of stress.

Marriages are falling apart or hanging on by a thread. People continue to struggle financially and continue to lose jobs. Life happens and sometimes, it happens badly. Someone betrays you, you get sick, a loved one dies, the treatment doesn’t work, your savings is all gone, the engine in your vehicle goes out, the divorce is final, the kids keep getting into trouble, etc…

We all know stress. We all know the pain and frustration. How do we overcome stress? Is there something that we can do to relieve some of the stress in our lives?

Here is my top 10 list for relieving stress. I hope it helps. Please leave a comment and tell me what helps you or what I am missing on my list…

1. Maintain regular devotional times.
2. Manage your time efficiently.
3. Anticipate those engagements that will put you under stress and relax ahead of time.
4. Conserve your energy for essential tasks.
5. Regularly take time off to relax or give yourself a change of activity. (keeps perspective straight)
6. Always plan a period of rest to follow a period of high activity.
7. Slow down. God needs stillness and time to work in our hearts.
8. Learn to sleep properly.
9. Get some exercise. Take a walk.
10. Trust your creator – God who loves you. Relinquish control.

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