Step Up and Lead

Leadership is the easiest thing to spot but the hardest thing to define. If you asked ten people what the definition of leadership is, you would get at least eight different answers. The word leadership brings many pictures to mind.
Some people picture William Wallace leading his men into battle. Some may picture Winston Churchill defying the Nazi threat. Others may envision Martin Luther King Jr. standing before the Lincoln memorial challenging the nation with his dream of racial reconciliation. Today in the 21st century, we might think of the innovation of the iPhone, Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates with software, no matter what your definition is or who you think of when you think of leadership.
Leaders love progress. They hate status quo and maintenance is a curse word to them. Leaders make things happen. “The unique role of the leaders is to take us on journeys to places we have never been.”

There are obvious differences between managers and leaders. Too often, the church is over managed and under led. We need leaders!

What is your definition of leadership?
Are you leading?
If not, when will you step up and lead?

One thought on “Step Up and Lead

  1. I love this blog but I do have a commit:
    Why is it that we are now managing our small group with a community (leader)/(Manager). Manager is more like it! I m being told what to discuss, That we should not do a bible study, When and where we can meet. We are not letting our people who are trying to lead there small groups lead, We are managing them. Small groups need room to grow not just in size but spirituality. Now don’t get me wrong I think a community leader is a good idea and is needed as we grow our church. All I want is to get closer to God!!! for myself for family and for my small group. I didn’t have a family to count on till I met my small group which is my family and thank god for. Just my thoughts that I have been praying about and be struggling with. I have resigned as leader of my small group. Believe, Belong, Become

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