7 thoughts on “Regret

    1. I struggle everyday with this. Being a single mom is hard. Things in my past make it hard. I regret not having the time to spend with my kids like i want. Working so much that i cant remember the days sometimes. I know that i do it for them.

      Last week seemed to be so hard. I was so angry. On May 12, 2005, i found my brother in-law. He took himself from this earth. I try very hard to remember his smile and not the last images of him that i found. Its been 6 years and still it has not gotten easier. I pray that i find my way out of the depression that holds me in fear. I know eventually i will get passed my struggles. God will see my family through. Thank you for sharing this video with me.

  1. Strong!!! Once again thanks. I deal with regret way more than I should. This word really helps.

  2. We all have regrets about the past.. Things we wished we had done differently.. Like you said, Sunday, there is nothing we can do about the past, and dwelling on the past, keeps us from being the best we can be in the present , and the future.. Takes the joy, and hinders what the Lord has planned for our lives… Thank you for this!

  3. I didn’t even realize that I struggle with regret until watching this. Just because it’s the small things I may do that don’t seem to affect anyone or anything negatively in a big way, but still discourages me from having the confidence to try again to influence someone in a positive way. I know that I’m not making any sense , but Thank You!! I needed that and didn’t even know it.

  4. Steve, would love to watch, just not the internet capability out here on deployment… if you could have a sound MP3 option it would be nice (for the military). Miss you guys (my Pastor at home is true to the word) just miss your family, teaching, and passion as an encouragement to the gospel that is Jesus Christ. r/Scott

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