People and Pupusas

For the past three years in February, Vickie and I have taken a group to El Salvador. The week is always packed full of ministry opportunities: sharing in schools and orphanages, working with churches – painting and cleaning their buildings, helping clean in local neighborhoods, feeding children in cafeterias set up in poor neighborhoods, distributing tracts/sharing one on one with people and being involved in other community events. God has opened the door for a great relationship and welcome arms for us from this small impoverished country.

We have seen over 1.100 people receive Christ these past three years. We have ministered, encouraged, prayed, challenged, motivated and invested in the people of El Salvador. New Season Church has invested…each year, we deliver several bags of gifts given by NSC to the children in the orphanages there. I wish you could see the kids’ faces when they receive the candy, toothbrushes, supplies and gifts. That in itself is worth the trip!

We plan this trip during a school break so that students may be able to go. Our teens are always greatly impacted. So much so that four of our young ladies, Shanna Foskey, Heather Chappell, Tiffany Gardner and my youngest daughter Kirby, felt led to return to El Salvador to live for almost a year and be involved in ministry there.

Last year, our team consisted of young people and “older” people…that is a safe way of saying that we had some folks in their 50s join us! We had several men go with us who were involved in putting a roof on a church, painting and doing other construction type projects. We have a teacher from New Season, Anna Belle King, who has traveled with us for the past two years. She loves the children there and God uses her to love on them and lead many to Christ. My son Andrew went with us on his first mission trip ever last year and loved it so much that he is planning to return this August for five months to be involved in ministry.

Our trip this year will be February 16 – 22. The cost will be around $1800.00. This includes roundtrip airfare, hotel and all meals. This is an “easy” mission trip. When I say that, I mean that we are not dropped off in the jungle and fed on worms and zebra. We do stay busy and it is tiring but so worth it! We stay in a decent hotel room where we can sleep and shower; the strangest food that we eat is a pupusa which is the traditional El Salvadorian food – it is a tortilla with beans, cheese and meat. There are Burger Kings, Subways, KFCs, Pizza Huts, etc… in El Salvador so food is not a problem! We travel on a bus to our events, we always have several guides with us and we use interpreters to share. We go to great lengths to make it easy for you to be involved and be USED by God.

Have you ever been on a mission trip? If not, this would be a great first trip for you. If you have, join us anyway! You will fall in love with the people and have the opportunity to be used to make an eternal difference!

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